Top 10 Swimming Holes in Dutchess County

Reprinted From: Dutchess County Tourism, 2021

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An honest-to-goodness natural swimming hole has got to be the ultimate summertime experience. When you are out in nature, enjoying magnificent views and the lazy stillness of a lake, there is a calming beauty surrounding you. So, take the plunge and try one or more of our favorite swimming holes.

1. Beacon River Pool: 2 Red Flynn Drive, Beacon
The pool will be installed the weekend of June 26 and 27, with hopes to be open in early July! This small, unique pool is partially submerged in the Hudson River, allowing the river waters to flow through it for a safe swimming and wading area. A ramp from the rivers’ shore leads swimmers to the pool. Floatation/seats line the pool’s perimeter for spectacular river views. The pool is used from early July to Labor Day. Visit Pete & Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park next door to picnic or go on the playground.