River Pool in The Hudson

River Pool at Beacon is offering everyone a way to get into the Hudson River, to be introduced to the currents and tides, to learn about river life, and to take that first step and swim towards becoming river stewards. As our founding partner and member Pete Seeger believed, we know that the stewardship of a great river can begin on a summer afternoon… one child, one laugh, one splash at a time.

Thank You

To all swimmer, kayakers, and volunteers for helping to make River Pool free to the public.

While there are other places to swim in Beacon, they all require a fee. River Pool serves close to 1000 swimmers every summer at no cost to them. As of this Summer of 2016, we have brought over 10,000 swimmers into the river.


The River Pool at Beacon is located just off the north shore of Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park. Open from early July to Labor Day, the pool is partially submerged in the water, allowing River water to flow through.