The River Pool In The Hudson River At Pete & Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park

Reprinted From: Little Beacon Blog, 2021

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The colorful, circular “river pool” has been securely installed for summer 2021 off the north shore of Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park, in Beacon, NY. Just over the hill in the middle of the park, sits the little floating pool along the shore. The late Pete Seeger, a founding member of the organization, believed that river stewardship begins with being on, near, and in the river. It is part of why this pool is so important (donate here to keep it going).

The pool itself is a shallow circle with a netted bottom. Swimmers are more like sitters and floaters along the side of the pool, as it’s a place to relax and cool off while submerged in the river, eye level with other river-life floating in the water (and fish!).

Side Note: While you can swim in this pool, you cannot swim in Beacon’s reservoirs. The water around the River Pool is tested to make sure it is safe for us. The Reservoir atop Mount Beacon is cleaned and tested to make it safe to drink for us. People who swim in Beacon’s Reservoir make this job harder for Beacon’s Water Department. Please to not come to Beacon with swimming in the Reservoir as a planned destination.

In offering a safe place to swim, the rainbow colored floating River Pool, recently voted one of the top swimming spots in the Hudson Valley by Chronogram magazine, presents just such opportunities (keep in mind, it is very small).

The River Pool’s mission is to provide safe access to the Hudson River; to educate the general public about the importance of continuing to preserve and clean the Hudson River; to promote swimming as a fun, healthful fitness activity in a natural environment.

The existance of the River Pool demonstrates to other communities the viability of floating pools. There could be more! The twofold joy of the pool–allowing its users to enjoy a cool river swim on a hot summer day while carrying forward Pete’s legacy–has been experienced by its wide community of supporters and users: About 13,000 people have swum in the floating pool during the past 14 years.

Pool hours are planned are July-Labor Day, weather permitting. The actual days and times may change, and The River Pool encourages you to check their Facebook page before you go to see if they are open as the weather changes. Lifeguards – who are paid and not part of the volunteer team – are always present when the pool is open. Visitors are advised to check to confirm hours. Volunteers install the pool each June and take it out of the river in September.

The River Pool is funded in large part by the Newburgh to Beacon Swim. Registration is open now!

River Pool at Beacon Inc. is a not-for-profit 501c3. For additional information about the pool, the swim, volunteering on shore, as a kayak escort, other organization volunteer opportunities, or to make a donation go to