The Floating Pool At Beacon Invites Swimmers To Take A Swim In The Pool And Across The River

Reprinted From: Times Hudson Valley Media, 2021

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The 2021 swim, the 17th cross-river swim, takes place on Saturday July 24,2021. Advance registration is required for the swim where 100 or more swimmers are expected to splash-in from Newburgh at approximately 8:50 am.

Contributions raised by swimmers are used to maintain and operate the pool, free to all visitors (Seasonal costs average $40,000.) Each swimmer raises a minimum $100 of sponsorship donations in addition to the registration fee (of $75 for adults and $25 for minors) that covers the cost of the fundraising swim. Volunteer kayak escorts guide the swimmers across the Hudson River to provide a safe environment for registered participants.

The organization coordinates with the US Coast Guard and Dutchess and Orange County Sheriffs’ vessels, additional marine support, and qualified jet skiers aid in halting river traffic and provide safe passage for the registered swimmers. Mobile Life Support Services and Beacon Volunteer Ambulance Corps will be available on Newburgh and Beacon shores. Registration for the swim is open at