Quick Dip In River Pool At Beacon In The Hudson River

Reprinted From: Little Beacon Blog, 2014

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Swimmers are paddling across the Hudson River from Newburgh to Beacon in The Swim, a fundraiser for the River Pool at Beacon, and…swimmers are wading in the floating river pool, supported and surrounded by soft mesh and floating buoys in the Hudson River.

Did you know that river pools were being used by New Yorkers as far back as 1870, but ended in 1930 because of water pollution? And not just one – several pools dotted the river for city folk to enjoy. Thanks to Toshi and Pete Seeger, this pool not only happened, but is part of the environmental changes that Seeger helped lead in this region to clean the water.

Being that July flew by, there are a few weeks of summer left to enjoy the river pool! Open almost daily from 12-6pm except Mondays, and overseen by a lifeguard during pool hours. Put on your bathing suit and bring a towel down to Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park and enjoy floating in the water! Benches line the sides of this circular pool, so you can relax and enjoy the view.