Why are we swimming?

How far will we be swimming?

The distance is about 1 mile (72 lengths of a standard 25 yard pool).

Click here for a Google map of the swim route.

What will the temperature of the water be?

Water temperature should be in the mid to high 70''s.

Do I need to wear a wetsuit?

No, you don't need to. Most people don't but you can if you want to.

If I know someone who wants to be my kayak escort, is that possible?

Sure. Ask them to register at www.riverpool.org.

How do I set up my personal swim page so I can raise sponsorships?

Setting up your page is pretty straight-forward.

Create your page here.

Click here for a sample letter to get you started.

How can I check my account and who donated to me on my swim page?

Check your personal dashboard here.

How can I get my belongings to the other side?

There will be a van to transport belongings from Newburgh to Beacon

Can I download and fill out the swim waivers prior to the swim?

Will dredging at Fort Edward affect water quality?

The dredging of PCBs at Fort Edward will not affect the plans for the July 27th Newburgh to Beacon swim. Because several communities along the Hudson draw on river water for their drinking supply, a monitoring program agreed upon by the EPA and contractors is sampling water continuously for PCBs at various sites along the river. Nothing has been found to justify shutting down these water supplies. If the water is adequate for drinking, it is adequate for swimming.

For further information please see the link below:

How can I volunteer on the day of the swim?

River Pool needs volunteers to contribute the day of the swim. Please send us an email if you can help.