Sample Sponsor Letter

Dear --,

I have decided to swim across the Hudson River on August 2nd. Why? It’s a great river and a great challenge. The one-mile swim from Newburgh to Beacon will take place in one of the most beautiful spots in the Hudson Valley, the Hudson Highlands. The river has been getting cleaner season by season thanks to the efforts of thousands of people and the Clean Water Act. And, one of the very cool things about this swim is that by doing it I will help others have the experience of entering the river through the River Pool located in Beacon.

The Swim is a wonderful opportunity for experienced swimmers to cross the river while raising funds to benefit River Pool at Beacon, Inc. The small, non-profit volunteer organization has built and installed a small, flow-through pool that allows for safe entry into the river. In the last several years, thousands of people have experienced the river in this pool. Now River Pool at Beacon, Inc. is working to build a larger pool. Their hope is to make something that could be cheaply replicated up and down the river.

Can you sponsor my swim to help support River Pool at Beacon, Inc.? It’s a community project started by Pete Seeger and run by a group of committed volunteers who also put on this fabulous swim.

Give what you can to support me as I challenge myself to make it across one of the worlds’ great rivers and as we collectively give others the pleasure of being in the water on a hot summer day.

Come join me on Saturday August 2nd. We splash in on the Newburgh banks and will arrive at the Beacon Harbor shortly thereafter. There will be refreshments and music. And if you want to know more about the organization and the pool, you can check it out at