River Pool will reopen in early July for the 2015 season!

Save The Date: July 18, 2015-The 12th Annual Great Newburgh to Beacon Hudson River Swim

Since the river pool opened to the public in 2007, over 5000 people have enjoyed wading, playing, and cooling off in the Hudson River

During the summer months, the pool is open Tuesday through Sunday - Noon to 6pm.

The pool is free and open to the public.

The design of the partially submerged pool is environmentally sensitive and makes for a safe wading area that protects bathers from boaters and currents. With a permeable floor and sides that work as a below-water fence, the twenty-foot diameter wading pool allows river water to flow through it. The entire structure is supported by floating fiberglass seats in rainbow colors.

River Pool is a non-profit volunteer organization. To help with this project Please Join Us!

Much of the Hudson River is clean enough to swim in and we are working to keep it that way. Learn more about River Pool in this article from Metropolis magazine written by Aki Busch.

Tree Project Halted Due to Sea Level Rise in the Hudson River.

The entire Beacon waterfront was affected by the storm surge in October from Sandy. It brought the river high into Riverfront Park, causing erosion along the shore of the park, especially on the north and northwest edges. The leading edge of the storm surge came half way into the courtyard where our storage sheds are located. There were several feet of water inside the Beacon Sloop Club, and one foot of water inside Scenic Hudson’s River Center at Long Dock Park. The road, parking lot, and entrance to the train station were also flooded. In 2011, Irene and Lee caused extensive flooding at the Beacon waterfront as well.

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